Our Partners

Middle Schools & High Schools


Our goal is to ignite financial education starting at a young age by teaching financial fundamental principles in the classrooms. Therefore, we partner with middle schools and high schools to give students the proper financial education and exposure to real-world experiences.

Colleges & Universities

College students face many difficult financial decisions when it comes to managing their money. Unfortunately, many of the financial mistakes that are made in college shape their future more than ever.

We partner with colleges and universities to invest financial education to students to assist them in their financial journey while in college. 

Community Organizations


Community organizations are the backbone of all communities. No community organization is too large or too small. Our focus is on shifting the mindset about finances. 

Partnerships are open to all community groups regardless if you are non-profit or for-profit such as youth programs, religious organizations, and after-school programs. 



Our belief is that financial literacy, in fact, starts at home. Children are influenced by their environment daily. With knowing this, parents are our most vital partner in making a difference in financial education for the youth and young adults. 


Partner with us to increase financial literacy at home!  

Financial Institutions


Many financial institutions understand the need for financial education and exposure for the youth. Our connection with financial institutions equips us with adequate knowledge to empower the next generation.   

Some of Our Partners

Partner with us to increase the financial education of the next generation and become a catalyst for financial freedom